Dead Celebrity Body of Mr. Rodney King Found In His Home

On Sunday morning a dead body was recovered from a private pool in California and that dead body was of Mr. Rodney King. It is broadcast that Rodney King died from accidently drowning. Rodney King is well-known by neighbors to take twilight swims as they can hear him swimming around.

Mr. Rodney King’s fiancée is the person who indentified the 47 year olds body and telephoned 911. The detective on the case stated that he was just in the water for around several minutes before he drowned. No drugs or alcohol was discovered at the location, but isn’t ruled out. Rodney King is popular for being the African American guy who was brutally beaten by four white authorties in LA, Cali which lead to the most disastrous race disturbance the U.S.A has ever been exposed to.