Announcement: Katy Perry In The Works To Begin Recording Label

Ms. Katy Perry has conquered the music charts as a pop singer. For years now Katy Perry has been dishing out top rating singles time and time again. The gifted artist also has a movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me” that will be released on July 5th. Ms. Katy Perry is an entrepreneur that cannot be held back as she now takes the title of a music mogul. Katy Perry revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to build her music label, but there isn’t a name as of at this moment. Katy Perry reveals, “I’m preparing for it now.” Katy Perry is following in the footsteps of a couple of other well-known singers as Madonna, who created Maverick Records in 1992, and Prince who created Paisley Records in 1985.

Jenny McCarthy Releases 6th Cover Of Playboy Magazine

Jenny McCarthy debuts her frame for her 6th Playboy magazine cover for her 40th birthday. The July/August issue features the blonde bombshell wearing nothing but mesh gloves and thigh high black boots. Ms. Jenny McCarthy was featured first on the cover of Playboy back in 1993 in the month of October as a result she named Playmate of the Month and then given the title of Playmate of the Year a year later. For this Playboy issue she is featured in a 8 page pictorial captured by Steve Shaw. She tells, “I’m really proud of it. The pictures are really gorgeous and classy.” Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy cover is expected to display on newsstands on June 29th.

Celebrating MJ Time of Death

June 25th marks the three years date of Michael Jackson’s death. That was definitely a sorrowful moment when MJ departed at 50 years old due to a cardiac arrest in his home. Dr. Murray was his at home doctor which was giving him more medicines than needed. When the autopsy report explained that the sudden passing was a homicide, Dr. Murray was accused manslaughter and is doing time in jail for 4 years.

MJ definitely had one of the greatest singing careers to date and he personally mentor so many day dreaming music artists. A lot of devoted fans and other artists reached out on their Twitter pages to say something sincere for the deceased music artist. The King of Pop’s story will continue to live till the end of time for decades in the future keep going till the world ends.


ALEC BALDWIN Struck A NY Paparazzi

Mr. Alec Baldwin was peacefully leaving the NY Federal Building when a Photographer for NY Daily News set about taking photos of Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III & his prospective spouse- HilariaThomas. They were at the NY Hall of Justice to receive a permit to get hitched.

It appears that Alec Baldwin felt that his glorious & discreet instant along with his beloved prospective spouse was being disgraced by a curious Camera Man for NY Daily News. Mr. Alec Baldwin began screaming at the Photographer for NY Daily News & then proceeded to physically assault the Photographer for NY Daily News. Obviously, Alec threshold for tolerance is non existent. Photographers should keep a safe distance from Mr. Alec Baldwin & soon to be wife HilariaThomas.

No Union For Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis

In the beginning of this year it was stated that the star couple were separated due to troubles in the companionship. Mr. Johnny Depp denied the rumors and have told lots of press that the two are very joyful with one another.

In disappointing news Johnny Depp’s representative stated that the two have called it off and told press “Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated.” Depp and his long time girlfriend have been an item for fourteen years and have 2 offsprings, daughter Lily Rose, thirteen years old and son Jack, 10 years old. Currently, there is no news on what caused the breakup has been stated.


LiLo Totals Car During Shooting Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan yet again causes a disaster, but at the very least it’s not a big deal and she won’t be going to behind bars for this disaster. Many of you already know LiLo is featuring as the late Liz Taylor in the Liz and Dick flick. The insurance company brought on by the movie makers made it a point that they do not desire to have Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel at all with their rental. But of course, Ms. Lohan got behind the wheel of the Porsche and have an accident with an truck. Right now, the rental association have not cancelled their agreement but the producers now have voiced their decision and are not allowing LiLo to drive one of their rental cars anymore during the movie. Only time will tell if Lohan agrees to listen.

Ms. Kate Upton Filming The “Cat Daddy” On Youtube Video

Model Kate Upton has came to be the number one model of each and every single man because she has a stunning figure. Her slim figure, spectacular curves and big fun bags, which can be looked at proudly presented in the GQ issue.

The hot model can be seen wearing a American themed bathing suit. This model became more famous when a clip of her performing the “Cat Daddy” was posted on the Youtube webpage, but was temporarily removed due to violating the rules of the site. Many Kate Upton fans disapproved of the decision and the tape was posted back onto the webpage.  Be sure to keep a look out on this hot twenty year old model as she is strongly believed to to be doing wonderful things with her career.


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