Top 5 Best Looking Lady Celebs

Stars are consistently being talked whether it is about their hair color, wardrobe, work or who they date. Actresses & Models are constantly in the lime light and their every single move is being watch. The best thing is that most the famous people are sublime, so they are awesome to look at.  The females of Hollywood most likely have the most burden in attempting to stay sexy constantly. There are those several babes that definitely stay looking awesome no matter where they head out too. The chicks on this list are of any ages and a mixture of singers, movie stars and models. They are also in no particular arrangement.

1. Taylor Swift

2. Natalie Portman

3. Kaley Cuoco

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

5. Michelle Trachtenberg

There are lots of female famous people that would be on this list, but these are absolutely our most adored currently. These artists, actresses & models have validated themselves in the entertainment world and have clearly made it known that they will be in the business for years to come. Do not forget these artists, actresses & models are gifted and work hard too.